We founded our company in Spring 2018 to create flavours and textures that are as decadent and hedonistic as conventional dairy cheese. The first necessity for any food product is flavour, something we'll never compromise on. We have, and will continue to, create plant based cheeses that raise the bar for this age old tradition. It is our mission as a company to keep our values front and center as we continue to grow.

Inclusivity - we hate how the vegan scene has become divisive - both sides are responsible here. Our plant based cheese is aimed at dairy and non dairy eaters. Nobody likes substitutes - our plant based cheese aims to offer a life long alternative to life’s biggest craving.

New frontiers - plant based cheese as an industry is still in it’s infancy and there’s so much space to take it so many directions! We want to keep embracing this, and will never rest on our laurels.

2050 - this is the year temperatures are predicted to reach heights never recorded before. Every day we’re confronted with a decision that has tangible impacts; be it biodegradable packaging over plastic or renewable energy for the office vs fossil fuels. Every decision we make will be with the health of mother earth and you, our mighty fine patrons, in mind.

Our Partners


All of the energy used to create our cheeses is provided by Vandebron who purchase green energy from independent green producers whose electricity is generated from wind, solar and biomass. One of the most positive changes you can make in your daily lives is to ensure your home and work energy is green and clean. Sign up here to kick-start your green revolution.


Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging may look like plastic, but it’s actually a compostable material made from corn starch. We've tested it ourselves and were amazed to see it had disappeared in the compost in 20 days.


Avoiding Food Waste

An amazing company fighting food waste by helping restaurants and stores sell their surplus food instead of throwing it away. Whenever we have surplus stock, we post it on Too Good To Go to ensure none of it goes to waste.


Local Compost

Since we deal with a lot of food product, we want to make sure that the scraps never go to waste in the trash. We take all of our compostable material over to our local worm hotel, where it's turned back into soil.


The Plant Based Baker

The best of the best when it comes to plant based cakes and cookies. We’ve been sharing market stalls since day 1, and are working on some really exciting events for the future. Watch out for our plant based cheese cake colab.

Impact Hub

We've learnt a great deal through the Business Model Challenge and Red Bull sponsored Social Innovation programs. We hope this is just the start of many future collaborations.

Red Bull

Red Bull are trialling a new social innovation program which they hope to roll out globally. Alongside 'Welcome’ we're stoked to be part of the program.