Many hands make light work


Mother Nature


We’re setting up a linear structure at PBC with the exception of one person - Mother Nature. She is the one calling the shots and the only consideration behind each decision. To put it simply, if we feel a decision is going to have an adverse impact on the environment we will keep searching for a better solution.



The Wolf of Wall Street

Bas's people skills, experience of raising investment, and ability to track down any lead are second to none. He’s a businessman through and through, and his years of experience working with startups has set him up to be the perfect one to bring this to market. Bas could genuinely sell ice to an Eskimo (if there's any ice left in 20 years that is). | +31 6 47 23 04 26

Brad Vanstone Plant Based Cheese Amsterdam


The Founder

Brad's background lies in building and growing businesses. In 2014 he took a UK media company to the United States, growing the readership to 3 million readers a month and launching 70 college news sites within a year. Between 2016-2018 Brad launched the Netherlands fastest growing EdTech company, StuComm, in the UK. Brad has seized the opportunity to combine his passion for the planet and ability to build from the ground up. Brad has the hustle, drive and experience to take PBC global. | +31 6 28 55 88 80



The Documenter

Danique manages the content creation and social accounts. No plant based cheese company in the world has better photos or is telling a more compelling story than us right now.



The Filmmaker

Julian has a determination to create compelling films that drive environmental awareness and inspire creative solutions. He’s been working as a freelance partner with PBC to create the amazing films you’ll see on our site and social media. We highly recommend checking out his portfolio for endless hours of beautiful footage.



The Conscience

Kath spent two years working on supply chain projects, and is now entering the final year of her undergrad degree in Business Administration with a minor in Agricultural Production . She is an incredibly passionate and driven person who is setting up the most sustainable, socially conscious, and transparent supply chain possible for PBC.



The Brains

Margot is graduating with her second masters this summer and will be the first full-time employee at PBC other than Brad. Her master's include business economics-corporate finance and environmental economics. Margot was keen to use this in-depth knowledge as a force for good rather than heading down the well-trodden corporate route.



The Organizer

Morgan has spent the past 7 years as a producer in the creative industry, and helped create the identity and photography for PBC from day one. She is now taking the lead on the re-branding of our product as we gear up for retail in the fall. It's one thing to create beautiful design, and another to translate it onto a packaging solution that’s as sustainable as possible whilst also extending a products shelf life. Thankfully we are in great hands.



The Creator

Sam has already brought several successful food products to market in Amsterdam, with his last three all winning the Albert Heijn food pitch. His most recent project however, has been focusing on the thesis he is completing about a 50/50 dairy/plant-based cheese. With his wealth of knowledge in both food science and culinary arts, he’s joined the PBC team to help us bring our products to the next level.



The Producer

Sjoerd spent the start of his career running a restaurant in the Netherlands, always focused on using the most local produce he could find. After building close relationships with all of his local producers, he noticed that they were looking to expand but didn't have a facility to do so. With a problem in front of him, he was quick to form a solution by founding Raskaal productions. PBC will be partnering up with Sjoerd and his amazing production facility this summer to bring PBC to retail shelves throughout Amsterdam.



The Word on the Street

Stephen heads up our on the ground marketing campaigns. At PBC we like to do our marketing on the streets.

Stephen campaigns will be embodying the values of PBC through a series of sampling sessions, events and markets.


Advisory Board



Dave is an internationally experienced brand and marketing professional, having spent the past 12 years working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Volkswagen, Heineken, Google, Comcast, Unilever Australia and Tourism Australia.

He has lived and worked in Sydney, New York City and most recently Amsterdam, where he was leading brand marketing for’s Homes and Apartments division - the fastest growing segment at Europe’s largest e-commerce company. During his time there, Booking Home grew to have more listings and more revenue than their major rival, AirBnb. 

Having been (mostly) vegan for over 4 years, Dave is a big believer in the need for a more plant-based and sustainable future.


Enver Loke

Enver Loke founded Chocolatemakers in 2011 with a mission to show people how real chocolate is made, from bean to bar. They're the only Dutch chocolate company that controls every link in the chain thus allowing them to do everything as sustainably as possible.

Enver is the main spokesperson also leading the Chocolatemakers operational management, sales, marketing and product development.



Pascal started her working life at Heineken, attracted to its entrepreneurial vibe and emotional branding opportunities. Her thirteen years at Heineken were an incredible learning journey being able to work in many different marketing and sales leadership roles. When she became a working mom, Pascal felt that she wanted to contribute more to the world than selling beer. Pascal started as Head of Marketing and Fundraising at SOS Children's Villages, an international charity organization. Three years later she became Head of the Marketing at Tony's Chocolonely, a social enterprise selling chocolate to change the business model in cocoa. There, she was able to combine commercial brand-building experience with mission-driven marketing, with little budget using the power of storytelling, community building, and database marketing.

The last four and half years at Tony's have been a ride, building the marketing team and growing the business internationally, with a turnover that increased more than six-fold. Recently, Pascal decided to leave Tony's Chocolonely and is enjoying a summer sabbatical to explore her next destination – ideally by bringing Tony's mission of an equal economy beyond chocolate.



Louise Huterstein is currently working on a new project, combining her passion and background in real estate, transformative hospitality, and sustainability best practices with the creation of The Fourwood Collection. A portfolio of tranquil eco-conscious hideaways and short stay solutions that serve as a getaway and gateway for the world’s business leaders, innovators, content creators, and luxury travelers.

Louise is also an active angel investor, with an interest in sustainability innovations, property technology and hospitality & food centered businesses. Prior to this, her work focused on luxury real estate development in Spain, and her completion of Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ executive management training program in Munich.