Our Cheeses

We have five plant-based cheeses currently available. There inspired by dairy ricotta, blue gorgonzola, parmesan, goat cheese and fondue. We're always testing out new recipes in our kitchen, so keep an eye on our instagram for further updates and new recipes!


Plant Based Gorgonzola

This tofu-based cheese packs quite the punch with a strong cheesy flavour initially followed by a tangy aftertaste. We re-create the blue using spirulina which is the first superfood discovered by humans, and was a favourite with the Aztecs.

Main base ingredient | Tofu

Plant Based Ricotta

Macadamia nuts are the base of this cheese which is light, creamy and refreshing.

Main base ingredient | Macadamias

Plant Based Fondue

Who said a plant-based diet couldn't be filling, warming and comforting? Our plant-based fondu is perfect for those long cold winter nights. With a double fermentation, it packs quite the flavour.

Main base ingredient | Cashews

Plant Based Goat

Our plant based goat takes you on quite journey. Mild and creamy initially, the flavour builds to a crescendo through the culture we brew and add in our kitchen. Good luck not eating this in one sitting.

Main base ingredient | Blanched almonds

Plant Based Parmesan

This comes pre-grated and has cashew nuts as its base. This cheese is excellent to cook with reacting well to heat when applied during the final minutes of cooking.

Main base ingredient | Cashews