What happens when you combine a cheese lover with a passion for the planet? Yes, you guessed it. Plant based cheese.

Plant-based cheese maker, vegan cheese maker
Devon, England, U.K., 1999

Devon, England, U.K., 1999

I grew up spending summers on my grandparents’ dairy farm in the south of England. They built their farm from the ground up to 'feed the nation' as my Gramps puts it, growing it into one of the best farms in Devon. Their animals lived long healthy lives, had plenty of room to graze, and a nice family taking care of them.

I'm aware, from personal experience, that not every dairy farmer is evil and all livestock is not locked behind bars. But even the happiest cows still have a negative impact on the environment, putting our planet at risk for future generations. With the wealth of information now available to us about farmers’ contribution to the warming of the planet, the time has come for a modern take on farming.

In 2017, we took a look at how the personal decisions in our home impact the world around us. We quickly realised that if we can change anything right now, it's making conscious decisions about the food we eat now. What began as a pet project at home making cheese for ourselves has, with the encouragement of friends, become our very existence!

Through our plant based cheeses we're aiming to make your decision to eat consciously that little bit easier (and more delicious).

- Brad